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We can often reduce a client's tax substantially, using existing tax laws, and without
bending or breaking those particular laws. Those tax regulations and laws are there in black
and white for everyone to see, but few actually take the time to study them.

That's where a professional tax specialist comes in, a tax reduction specialist. Such people
do not inventing new schemes, but assisting you to interpret - and to benefit from - some very
old schemes.

The first step is an email introduction, an exchange about what your circumstances are and
what you wish to achieve, perhaps a telephone chat or face-to-face consultation, and then we
should be able offer you carefully crafted a solution. We do this all day, every day.
You are knowledgable about your particular business, but leave the mechanism of tax avoidance
to us - we are expert at our business.


Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax may be due on everything you have when you die, the value of your estate - assuming that you are leaving your estate and goods to someone like a child or surviving sibling. This would include the house, any savings, financial investments, personal belongings (of any value) but also a percentage of the value of anything you might have given away in the previous 7 years. The first GBP 325,000 is tax free (the threshold, often referred to as the nil rate tax band) whereas everything above is taxed.

This tax is due to be paid "before" the estate can be distributed to the next of kin. By careful tax planning in your will we should be able to reduce the final amount of tax payable upon death.

Contact us for details of how we can help you with your particular inheritance tax (IHT) circumstances.

Where will you end up in your retirement years? You should start planning now.